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The TSA's list of items that are not carry-on approved is very interesting.
Yes, delays are caused by a lot of things. But the most common, according to the US Department of Transportation, is late
If you think you've scored a "cheap" plane ticket, take another look to be sure. Checked-bag fees can add major costs to
We paid for our bag as we were boarding the plane (if we could do this, why couldn't we have just paid at the Air France counter?) and noticed that half of the overhead bins were empty.
This post originally appeared on Map Happy. See? It just jumps to $35 for United. Airline Baggage Policy After Free Bags
1. Start flying in the morning. It's science: the later in the day you fly, the longer the delay you might face, as bad weather
When I was a kid, back when everyone checked bags because there were no overhead bins at all (just racks for the coats and pillows, if you recall), there'd be someone at bag claim whose sole job it seemed was to compare your bag check tag with the claim check issued by the airline.
HAS an airline ever lost or damaged your suitcase? Want to know what really happens to your bags when you wave them goodbye
A winner of two majors this summer on the Champions Tour, Kenny Perry is in the midst of a career year and is currently the