checking accounts

People who once had free accounts may now have to pay $12 a month.
Whether you talk to your kids about money for a few minutes at the kitchen table or when you have a few coins and dollars out for specific purposes, these are opportunities for kids to become familiar with money.
Of all the places you keep your money, your checking account is the foundation. It's the one of the most popular financial products in the country, used by roughly 200 million Americans, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Would you pay an interest rate of 17,000% to borrow $24? That might seem absurd, but you probably already have -- and maybe more than once.
In addition to paying exorbitant fees to do things most of us take for granted, like cash or write a check, these households
The newspaper added that the prosecutor is mainly seeking information on the banks' use of databases to make sure consumers
"The [banking] relationship offers an account as a gateway to other products to help consumers meet financial needs and goals
Wells Fargo spokeswoman, Bridget Braxton said that some of the banks' 21 million customers were temporarily delayed accessing
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Despite the drawbacks, use of prepaid cards among Americans rose to 13 percent in 2011, up from 11 percent in 2010, according