Here at Schools for Sustainability Inc., we dream of a waste free world. In this world, all food scraps are transformed into nutrient rich compost yielding healthy crops, all aluminum cans are converted into new cans, building facades or bicycles, all plastic bottles are transformed into furniture, clothing, or home décor.
JERUSALEM — East Jerusalem, long the emotional heart of Palestinian life, is now the fiery soul of its discontent.
It had been a hot August day. I managed to get my passport stamped by the Turkish authorities, and head to the bus loading area, where I would begin my journey back home, into Syria.
I believe this boast. I only wish I could learn from the drill. Like almost anyone who flies these days, I'm easy. I'll do
As it happens, this notion of borderless states is a lot easier to sing about than to act upon. All one needs to do is turn
"I had a lot of students from the valley, who were very scared to pass that checkpoint," Ohlrich said, referring to Texas
This video warms my cold libertarian heart. For a primer on these and related issues, I suggest you check out the good folks
This week, family and friends crossed international borders and military checkpoints and overcame the usual political bureaucracies to attend my daughter's two weddings. Why two weddings? Let me explain.
Living cells are replete with intricate monitoring and regulatory circuits because survival, reproduction and adaptation to changing circumstances must be highly robust. Understanding these circuits and how they operate is a priority for 21st century cell and molecular biology.
Pakistani children may be enjoying the break, but most of them know exactly why they can't go to school. I sit stiff as one boy looks up from his video game to tell me the school buses might not be safe right now.
I didn't expect to hear Ehud Olmert talking like a fiery Machsom Watch activist about the suffering of Palestinians at Israeli roadblocks.