cheech and chong

Chong was convicted and sentenced to nine months in prison -- and it did absolutely nothing to stop him from being an advocate
KG and Jaybles have done it again. Festival Supreme has now blossomed into the Coachella of comedy, drawing the best and brightest of today's stand ups and musical acts and has now become the place for legends to reunite.
Then governments got into the gambling business themselves by establishing state lotteries. Within the past year New York
LINK: Cheech and Chong on Animating Their Stoner Adventures and Predicting Reality TV LINK: Rolling Stone’s List of the 11
Chong's visit prompted hundreds of fans to line up to meet him, as well as buy some marijuana themselves. Before he left
Cheech and Chong have been smoking weed consistently since the 1970s, man. So who better to gather on 4/20 and test some of the most famous stereotypes about pot?
Alyona talks to Cheech Marin about the night that Kate Middleton asked him to dance.
When asked whether the images of Bieber possibly smoking a joint might damage the singer's image, Chong brushed off the thought
"The truth is, most potheads feel like it's legal anyway," he added to NPR. "That's where there's so many of us getting arrested
What do Tom Hanks, Star Jones, Kathy Griffin, Raven Symone, John Cena, Zac Efron and Cher have in common? They all want you
Still, with the right owners, the home could rise again! The 2,577 square-foot property has four bedrooms, a small studio
For a bunch of corporate suits, Hollywood, like, loves to get stoned. Or at least pretend, anyway. The big film studios know
Despite what Cheech Marin's comedy routines lead LA Weekly to believe, Latinos are almost the least likely among racial and ethnic groups to have smoked marijuana.
"Yeah, I'm the go-to guy for Mexican priests," Marin, 63, says. "I'm the new Barry Fitzgerald, except with a Mexican accent
At the eleventh hour of the recording process, the comedian Margaret Cho texted me saying she had an idea for one final song on the album: it would be about Lil Wayne.
Politico caught up with Cheech and Chong at the Marijuana Policy Project's 15th Anniversary Gala and asked the duo which
I never wanted for lack of anything in Greece. The daily repetition of meals suited me just fine. The food was as local, fresh and simple as one could ask for.
In his meandering, hey-dude drawl, Mr. Chong recalled, "I realized I did the same joke twice." "I was shouting at him," Mr