cheerios commercial

If real-life middle America accepts my husband, son and me as a family, why can't Madison Avenue? We don't need to look like we "fit" because we already do.
There are bound to be missteps along this road as ethnic norm shifts re-define what is passé, appropriate or on the new cutting
This Super Bowl, the family is back with a twist. Dad uses Cheerios to tell his daughter a big announcement: she's getting
It appears a bunch of kids are more mature than some YouTube commentators. When a Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial
"We're not just reacting to negativity, we're boosting representation, elevating the conversation and hopefully giving context
In the full interview, Grace said that the commercial was "very fun to make." Cheerios has fully stood by its decision to
espite the ugly backlash incited by a Cheerios commercial featuring a mixed race family, the ad's six-year-old star is all smiles.
But we can't let a small group of haters ruin our fun. With summer nearing and love in the air, it's about time we celebrated
"Just watched your commercial with the biracial family. Beautiful. Thank you so much," Alexandra Burt wrote. WATCH: Commenters