Jinnies, a member of the L.A. Rams cheerleading squad, reflects on his journey in a Refinery 29 interview.
The Los Angeles Rams' Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies were two of three men who made history last year as the NFL's first male cheerleaders.
Kaitlyn Berthiaume was unanimously chosen cheer captain.
NFL took a progressive step when two teams added male cheerleaders to the lineup ― the first in the league’s history.
The New York Times report comes on the heels of two lawsuits from other teams' cheerleaders alleging discriminatory treatment.
Members of the Miami Heat’s very own senior dance squad share how they stay healthy.
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The quarterback is shedding light on important causes and centering Black women in the process.
“If I can get up and walk away from it, yeah, I’ll probably keep playing,” one player said.
A Denver high school is at the center of a child abuse investigation following the release of this disturbing video at a cheerleading practice.
“I can’t! Please stop! Please stop!” the girl repeatedly cries out as a man pushes her down.
Valery Ortiz is an actress, host, dancer, singer, songwriter, reader of my interviews and author best known as popular cheerleader Madison Duarte on the groundbreaking N network series South of Nowhere. (I just read that out loud and I'm out of breath!)
If you do take a serious fall while cheerleading and suspect you may have a concussion (or any other injury) insist upon seeking medical attention immediately. Don't keep cheering, and don't allow an adult or teammates to tell you to shake it off.
There's no shortage of supplies, services or opportunities for every one of the city's delightful dancers and extraordinary dance companies.