"These people were incredibly lucky," says a park spokesman.
It stuns me that, in this day and age, people still think there is an educational value or conservation benefit in seeing
The simple fact is that consumption of wildlife, wildlife parts, and wildlife products, including live animals, contributes
Donni with puppy companion Moose at the Cincinnati Zoo. Cheetahs are endangered, and their population worldwide has shrunk
What the results showed But this does not mean that cheetahs in the Maasai Mara are not threatened. Cheetahs face a kaleidoscope
The cubs were born at a Cincinnati zoo earlier this month.
Namibia may be known as "The Cheetah Capital of the World," but we also have our share of termites, too. Like their American counterparts, termites here can be destructive to human structures and strip farmlands of life-supporting vegetation.
Maybe yet another reason we zoologists study the birds and the bees in the animal kingdom is to learn something that informs our human experience. Observing the mating game of the female cheetah, my dating policy about buying my own drinks has been validated.
While cheetahs face common threats like most other wildlife, including loss of habitat and conflict with humans, Africa's