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Viewing the recent DVD releases Chef and Begin Again, some startling similarities challenge viewers to rethink what it means to cultivate professional satisfaction. Both films feature a male artist who seems past his prime and is struggling through a mid-life crisis.
The Colombian-born actor stars in Jon Favreau’s latest indie comedy “Chef” as Martin, a witty and coolheaded Cuban cook. Recently
Anthony also revealed that while he is a social media guru in the movie, he isn’t a big fan of sites like Facebook or Twitter
Making a good film is art. Making good food is art.
John Leguizamo stars in Jon Favreau's "Chef" as the loyal and funny Martin. In the movie he shows Chef Carl Casper (Favreau) how some Spanish can go along way when asking for help in Miami. The actor explains why Non-Latinos need to start trying to connect with Latinos.
Jon Favreau ("Elf", "The Avengers") returns to his indie roots with the family comedy "Chef." Favreau not only wrote, produced and directed the film but stars as its titular character. The actor explains why it was essential for him to learn about Latino culture and cuisine to give an authentic depiction of the culinary world.
Emjay Anthony may have been Sofía Vergara's on-screen son in Jon Favreau's family comedy "Chef," but that didn't stop the actor from asking the Colombian actress for her hand in marriage.
Jon Favreau's "Chef" premiered at this year's South by Southwest Film Festival, but general audiences can see what the erstwhile
Did you anticipate the amount of preparation involved with becoming a believable onscreen chef while writing the script? No