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Like many men who commit atrocious acts of mass violence, Ahmad Khan Rahami is accused of first targeting those closest to him.
Linden, NJ was the center of the news world this week, but the heart of America every day.
Parts of Ahmad Khan Rahami’s journal praise “Brother” Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki and Nidal Hasan.
Ahmad Khan Rahami is receiving treatment at a Newark hospital, where he could formally face his charges if he cannot travel to the U.S. District Court in Manhattan.
Federal prosecutors portrated Rahami as a jihadist who begged for martyrdom and praised Osama bin Laden.
Whaddya, kiddin' me? Just another dangerous downtown day. Even when it comes to the area's artsy traditions, they're due
He later recanted the statement in which he called his son a terrorist, saying it was made in anger.
It's called "post-traumatic growth" and it's not just for New Yorkers.
All citizens must be vigilant as this example proves, always learning about what is happening around us. We must change this individualistic attitude sometimes we have, one that makes us think that anything that happens on the street doesn't concerns us because it doesn't affect us personally.
Ahmad Rahami's family filed a federal lawsuit alleging police and neighbors targeted them for their religion and national origin.