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Whaddya, kiddin' me? Just another dangerous downtown day. Even when it comes to the area's artsy traditions, they're due
As a product of the 70s and 80s, I'm thrilled to have been asked to develop ArtBites classes around both exhibits even though food isn't exactly a topic featured in Mapplethorpe's work. At least not literally.
All photos are Used By Permission from @Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Throughout his career, Mapplethorpe preserved studio
Essentially an artist at heart, Garcha created the Vagabond as an "art" hotel. Think New York's Chelsea Hotel in a 5-star
In this edited interview, Ed Hamilton talks about the inspiration behind some of the stories in The Chintz Age and his thoughts on the future of New York City and gentrification.
Those days are pretty much done with now. The hotel changed hands a few years back and has been closed for renovations. It's transitioning away from a residential hotel, toward a more traditional role for overnight guests.
Rene was probably the most famous remaining member of the (now seriously depleted) Chelsea Hotel community. And no account of the history of the Chelsea Hotel, or of its famous creative energy, is complete without him.
Before the space went under major renovations in 2011, Cohen was given access to tour the grounds. What we see are images
A couple of weeks back, our esteemed literary editor Jason Diamond put together a pretty epic roundup of 50 places every
Gaby Hoffmann starred in some of the most memorable '90s movies: "Sleepless in Seattle," "Field of Dreams" and "Now and Then." But even with these huge titles, Hoffmann revealed in a recent New York Times Magazine profile that she has $4,000 in her bank account.