Chelsea Lately

"The overall message we’re given time and time again is that We Are Not Okay."
In October 2011, Nikki Levy was 34 and had just broken up with her girlfriend. Her life, she says, was "no bueno." Levy, a film and TV producer who most recently worked at Fox, figured her life would be great again if she moved back to her native New York City.
Though her comments are controversial, that's pretty much the route Handler has taken since leaving her E! show, even promoting
After a seven-year streak, much to my dismay, Tuesday night was the final Chelsea Lately show. I have watched every episode of this show since it started, and even have some of my favorite episodes from years ago saved on my DVR.
Even the Kardashian Klan, who were not there for obvious reasons, got a shout out. Avril Lavigne sang in her solo line, "She
"He looks at me like, 'I am going to kill you,'" Dewan-Tatum continued. "It was quite mortifying for both of us." "In Vancouver
Chelsea Handler may not want to sit with controversial celebrities, but she does want to sit with Netflix. [h/t CNN] It will
According to The Daily Mail, Handler named the troubled pop star (and celebrities like him) as the reason she's fed up with
In Italy and throughout Europe it's no biggie to let the whole family drink wine, even the kids. Although Lea Michele grew
E! president Suzanne Kolb released a statement saying that the cable network is proud of the success of "Chelsea Lately" and
The comedian is slated to leave her late night talk show on E! after her contract expires this year, and while she was once
"I'd like to leave the country for a while and meet some men who will actually date me," Handler said. "With the language
It's been widely reported that Handler wants out at E! and will bring an end to her show "Chelsea Lately" when her contract
John Travolta butchering Idina Menzel's name at the 2014 Oscars is the stuff memes are made of. But if there's one person
If anyone out there is planning on turning 39 anytime soon, take note of this clip with Chelsea Handler. She shows how it's
This isn't about Bill Carter. This is about being noted as a parenthetical, reaffirming what I feel has been an underlying, yet consistent inconsistency with how I am handled as the only woman in a traditionally male field.
Khloe Kardashian Takes Kris Jenner To 'Court'
According to Osbourne, Bieber's problem is that he hasn't made any music that will stand the test of time -- it's all "floppy
Andy Samberg was perhaps more shocked than anyone when he won a Golden Globe for his work on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." He dropped