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The Guardian U.S. has hired Chelsea Manning as a contributing opinion writer covering war, gender and freedom of information
The producers over at Fox News' morning show were at it again Tuesday morning when they decided to not-so-tastefully introduce a segment on Chelsea Manning's gender transition.
The Times announced on Monday that the publication would use the pronoun "she" along with Manning's preferred name, Chelsea
Queer Voices
Was the soldier who served a tour of duty in Iraq "Bradley" or "Chelsea"? And if you wanted to respect her current choice of pronoun, how would you rewrite the sentence "In Iraq, Manning kept the fact that he was a gay man under wraps"? (Go on, give it a try.)
Chelsea Manning's transsexual nature is not as relevant as her transmoral nature: Murder is wrong, and murder orchestrated, condoned, fitted to moral by the state is worse. If the former meant she was perfectly situated to "leak", then the latter is, too, a function of a higher nature than gender.
The AP's stylebook tells editors and writers to "use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical