Occupational safety experts criticized the U.S. Chemical Safety Board for changing a policy that acknowledged and honored those killed.
The company says there likely will be "additional incidents" at the plant.
More from Teen Vogue: 3 Ways To Decode (And Deal With!) Emotional Food Cravings Avoid the whole BPA family. Some products
The demands are great, and as a nation we must all be engaged in the process for less cancer. We can make new inroads on this disease so that the next generation will be looking forward to days of no cancer as opposed to more cancer. 
CORRECTION: This article originally stated incorrectly that the petition cited death in dogs during lab tests. It has since
"Although these are just transparent specimens, they're filled with the drama of organisms which I have so much love for
By studying the evolution of not just life, but life's building blocks as well, researchers hope to come closer to the answer
See the Delay Game report for details, and decide for yourself if the chemical industry can be trusted to protect our health
In the world of today's entrepreneurs, the term IQ doesn't refer to how intelligent one is. Instead, it refers to the Innovation
At the age of four, Colette was diagnosed with Wilm's tumor, a rare form of cancer. Parents Jim and Nancy Chuda labored to beat the cancer, but lost their daughter one year later.
If Big Agriculture wants to promote healthier diets, it should stop attacking critics and focus on growing vegetables and fruits that are chemical-free -- and also tasty.
For the last fifty years, fueled by a abundant and cheap petrochemicals, and living by mantras similar to Mrs. Palin's famous
For more information about Dr. Karp and his work, please visit: or follow him on facebook Of course
Of course the Executive Branch has a role to play as well; it can support the development of democratic institutions as we
I won't bury the lead: last week the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the most prestigious international
There has been an effort to minimize the importance of a new congressional report about the probabilities of another catastrophic domestic terrorist attack.
How can we take back America and make it better if we are continuously undermined by chaos? Or perhaps that is precisely the point...