chemical exposure

The results are concerning -- but don't go shopping for a new couch just yet.
Yikes: Tens of thousands of untested chemicals lurk in household items.
The problem is that the rapid expansion of hydraulic fracturing activities and tar sands transportation through our communities and regions, and the rapid expansion of offshore oil production, have not been met with meaningful advances in oil spill prevention and response policies and practices.
A Harvard study recently published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine associates a mother's low level exposure to mercury while pregnant with greater risk of her child later developing ADHD-related behavior.
NYU’s Trasande, for example, published a study in September that found a significant association between levels of BPA in
"It dries in four hours," Sallee said. "By Saturday morning, it would've been perfectly safe for anyone to play soccer on
If Holmes didn't use tear gas, chemical smoke of another kind could still pose health risks -- especially to people with
In 1962, Rachel Carson began sounding the alarm about the dangers of exposure to chemicals and the failure of the industry and regulators to protect people from those dangers. Fifty years later, Lynne Peeples's anniversary feature in Huffington is a reminder that we have failed to heed many of Carson's warnings, especially when it comes to protecting our most precious resource, our children.
“Evidence of aerial spraying this year in California points to the pesticide treadmill that Carson had acknowledged 50 years
If we mark Silent Spring as a spark of the modern environmental movement, we are half a century into finding better balances between profits and true progress.
Louisiana has attracted some cleaner industries recently, but after natural gas prices dropped to ten-year lows this spring, chemical manufacturers are rushing to build and expand. Residents need those jobs but fear explosions and toxic emissions.
We haven't proved that chemical exposure is at the root of increases in mental health disorders. What we do know with increasing confidence, however, is that chemical exposure is changing our brains, and that those changes are being passed on to our descendants.
To learn more about the study, visit our website and watch a short video. Robin Dodson, Sc.D., is a research scientist at
Because we now know that chemicals in every day products can lead to low sperm counts, there are simple steps that men can take to avoid them.
A multi-million-dollar study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, gauging impacts of the BP spill on cleanup workers, has so far enrolled 5,500 individuals -- mostly from Gulf states.
This is what we know happened. On March 31, 2010, Park Ji-Yeon, who worked at Samsung's On-Yang semiconductor plant in South Korea, died of leukemia at age 23.
A recent dust-up between the American Cancer Society and the NIH Cancer Panel may have left the public even more confused about how dangerous untested, potentially toxic consumer chemicals and environmental pollutants really are.