chemical exposure

The results are concerning -- but don't go shopping for a new couch just yet.
Yikes: Tens of thousands of untested chemicals lurk in household items.
The problem is that the rapid expansion of hydraulic fracturing activities and tar sands transportation through our communities and regions, and the rapid expansion of offshore oil production, have not been met with meaningful advances in oil spill prevention and response policies and practices.
A Harvard study recently published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine associates a mother's low level exposure to mercury while pregnant with greater risk of her child later developing ADHD-related behavior.
The Safe Chemical Act would not only give the EPA the legal authority to require testing to identify and restrict toxic chemicals
"I believe these chemicals are harmful, and it's best for my son not to be exposed to them," said Sheryl McGourty, Cedar's
Tear gas -- the common name used for any of a number of chemicals, including chloroacetophenone (CN), chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile
In 1962, Rachel Carson began sounding the alarm about the dangers of exposure to chemicals and the failure of the industry and regulators to protect people from those dangers. Fifty years later, Lynne Peeples's anniversary feature in Huffington is a reminder that we have failed to heed many of Carson's warnings, especially when it comes to protecting our most precious resource, our children.
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If we mark Silent Spring as a spark of the modern environmental movement, we are half a century into finding better balances between profits and true progress.