Oops. A federal cleanup crew intended to treat the water.
Source: (http://bit.ly/1BImFr0) June 22 (Reuters) - An 18-wheeler truck hit a gas pipeline in La Porte, Houston, killing
Several schools in the Charleston, W.Va. area have dismissed students amid ongoing concerns over water quality, nearly a
Dear Mr. President: I am writing you as a dutiful, concerned, and stressed-out husband and expectant father from Charleston, West Virginia. My first child is due in just three weeks. I don't know how I am going to safely care for my son after he is born when I can't trust my water supply.
“This is the first calculation that has been provided concerning the amount of materials that spilled on Jan. 9,” Huffman
Manchin pledged to "pass legislation that will fix the problems that allowed this disaster to happen in the first place." He
The Society of Environmental Journalists and Society of Professional Journalists are unhappy with the West Virginia chemical
Erin Brockovich, the hollywood honored consumer advocate whose work inspired the 2000 film by the same name, weighed in on
The Freedom Industries site has not been inspected since 1991 and is about a mile (1.6 km) upstream from a West Virginia
The company behind the massive chemical spill that made tap water unsafe for more than 300,000 West Virginians has filed
The 300,000 residents of nine West Virginia counties affected by last Thursday's chemical spill are slowly starting to get notice that they can turn on their taps again. But many are still wondering why they didn't have more information about the potential dangers in their own backyard.
"The issue is this: We have enough regulations on the books. And what the administration ought to be doing is actually doing
While the water ban has been partially lifted and some residents have been allowed to run their water in order to "flush