chemical warfare

Government officials claim insurgents were behind the gas attack, but rebel groups have called the allegations "purely a lie."
The attack in February left 11 people in need of emergency treatment.
“Could not have had a better result,” said President Donald Trump. “Mission Accomplished!”
The strikes, led by the U.S., U.K. and France, targeted three facilities associated with Syria’s chemical weapons program.
Kassem Eid, a Palestinian Syrian rebel, called on U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley to resign over Saturday's massacre.
Several western countries including the U.S. denied any involvement.
He also criticized Obama for not ending Syria's violent conflict "long ago."
A chemical attack on a rebel-held town in eastern Ghouta was said to have killed at least 49.
The new sanctions are the most significant the U.S. has taken against Russia since Trump took office.
At his daily briefing, press secretary Sean Spicer says Hitler did not use chemical weapons in World War II.
Having a president afflicted with mental diarrhea is not okay.
My long experience with pesticides, agriculture, and the environment has convinced me we must defang agriculture. Ban most of its biocides. Keep some pesticides for emergencies. But these chemicals are not necessary to produce food. Organic farming is a proof of that.
The novel's World War I heroics -- in front-line regimental aid posts, forward dressing stations, casualty-clearing-stations, resuscitation wards, thoracic wards and gas wards -- might just trigger the consciences of those whose policies and strategies have been responsible for turning so many soldiers and marines into patients.
The "brave new world" of computer warfare -- in all its frightening aspects -- desperately needs some rules and limits. Communications spying and drone attacks are only the precursors for what could be eventually deployed against the United States.
"Probably, he is the man who set the fire," James told Discovery News at the time. "He lingered too long to ensure it was
If Congress approves the proposal, then President Obama's ability to conduct effective military action will be strengthened. Even if Congress rejects the president's proposal, he still benefits.
Sen. Jeff Flake pressed Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday over the Obama administration's decision to seek congressional authorization to bomb Syria. Flake suggested that asking members of Congress to vote on military action was playing politics with foreign policy.
"The president, as you know, retains the authority, always has the authority, had the authority to strike before coming to
SCROLL FOR PHOTOS Nguyen Quang, 11, on his bed at home in the Kim Dong district of Hai Phong, Vietnam. Village presidents
If it is proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons on its people, the world -- and that includes the United States -- cannot and must not sit on its hands.