“It just demonstrates how ubiquitous these chemicals are in the environment,” one researcher said.
The Ohio village upended by a train derailment and the intentional burning of some hazardous chemicals on board has invited residents to a town hall.
The deadly crash of a commercial tanker truck has caused hazardous material to leak onto Interstate 10 outside Tucson, shutting down the highway.
Bleach and sulfuric acid are believed to be behind the illnesses at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown that led at least 31 people to be taken to hospitals.
The Washington governor's campaign may be lagging, but he keeps building out a massive library of detailed policy ideas.
As the EPA sat on formaldehyde report, aides prepared to air out a worrisome desk for their boss.
The health assessment that apparently was completed months ago concerns formaldehyde.
No, it's not because they're actual chicks.