"We survived Andrew Jackson," said one citizen of the Cherokee Nation.
On Friday our family wears orange. You can't compare pain and hurt like the one our people endured in the Residential Schools
When a fashion designer includes a dried petal in his invitation and quotes a Cherokee proverb about man's struggle between good and evil, he's got me at "Hello".
On this Memorial Day, as we remember those who have given their lives in service to our country while protecting the freedoms and ideals we hold dear, many of our fellow Americans remain unaware of the major contributions Native Americans have made to our nation's armed forces.
In the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, a few more elderly native speakers of Cherokee silently pass away every few months. A language spoken for at least three millennia in the region faces extinction.
The following questions were taken from the list of 100 civics questions. Admittedly, these are some of the harder ones. Could you pass?
Tara Matthews, a Peace Corps volunteer in Kitgum, Uganda founded Kids Who Click, a program encouraging youth to capture and
Evangelicals, who have recently seized on adoption of orphaned children as a moral imperative, want fewer barriers to providing
Baker, of course, is not an unbiased observer. He was a Democratic delegate to the party's national convention in Charlotte
We have two dogs in our heart. One is our actual ego, our reality as spirit soul, and one is the false ego, or our false identification with our temporary material body. Whichever we one we feed the most becomes dominant in our consciousness.
Other Noteworthy Parks Near North Carolina Frankie's Fun Park Celebration Station Gold City Amusement Park Carolina Beach
As 2012 approaches and our global village gets smaller and more crowded, we must remind ourselves that underneath the stars we are all one race, one people.
If you're an unemployed 99'er and haven't asked friends, family and neighbors for help, it's time to stand up, shout out, and ask for help.
Reading, science and math are important, but No Child Left Behind standards must include history and social studies standards. If it isn't improved, knowledgeable citizens who can pull a voting lever and know what they're doing are going to become extinct.
Two years ago, during a working trip to Lyons, musician Darrell Scott visited an energy healer. It changed the way he thinks about music.
As the nation was pulling itself out of another Depression, legendary novelist Thomas Wolfe returned to his home in the Appalachian