cheryl tiegs

Graham hinted at who the model might be during an interview with Naomi Campbell.
The photo in question was my chosen pic for an article I wrote on another site about, among other things, the selling of
I hope it is entertaining, relatable food for thought. Reflecting Adrianne from Michael Angelo on Vimeo. It has been said
Waist circumference can't tell us much about health on its own.
Don't get mad, get into a major runway show at Paris Fashion Week.
I have super supportive friends. In fact, I have super supportive friends who just happen to be supermodels. The super-est of them all is Cheryl Tiegs. Yes, THAT Cheryl Tiegs. The woman who is frequently described as the first American supermodel.
I've worn glasses for almost 50 years and I still don't like wearing my thick lenses in public. At midlife I should be over this already. I mean, I've made peace with so many things by now that I think it's time to put this behind me.
Channel J was the public access channel. During the day and evening it was populated by preachers, two-bit entertainers, lecturers... you name it. But after midnight, the smutty stuff hit the air.