American chestnuts were all but wiped out last century, but that thankfully won’t stop you from enjoying their winter-friendly
It's also a tradition after a feast (not as if you need to stuff yourself with anything else, but...) to pass a plate of
During yet another cold winter evening, nothing worth watching on the only black and white television channel available in those days, my maternal grandparents would fill the wooden oven with chestnuts and, while waiting for them to roast, they would pull out the photos.
I thought about a paella but knew I'd deploy too many flavors that could mask the key ingredients. Risotto, then, seemed the way to go.
A delicious fall crop, pears are rich in both fiber and vitamins, particularly vitamin C. They are also a good source of
Sweet, nutty and slightly crunchy, they're intensely flavorful tiny packages.
Last weekend our Saturday farmers' market was like an August market plus the makings of a Thanksgiving dinner.
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... We get it. But there are so many more ways to eat these nuts.
Everyone has their favorite holiday cookie recipe that probably has been handed down in their family. These are Christmas Wreath Cookies and come from Pennsylvania.
Warm fresh chestnuts are soft, fleshy, sensuous, creamy and sweet. They are best served with a glass of port or a mug of hot glogg and, on the bearskin rug, in front of the fireplace, with Nat King Cole in the background.