The "Star Wars" actor described his late co-star as "really sweet" and "a really neat guy."
George Lucas said the only thing the 7-foot-3-inch actor had to do to get the part was stand up.
The "Solo" star's Wookiee mistake is pretty hilarious.
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Austin Eggleston was born with congenital heart defects and needed a heart transplant to survive. After four months on the waiting list, the “Star Wars” fan got good news from a very special Wookie.
"Why can't we have nice things like Canada?"
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“Just because I’m about to be a mom doesn’t mean I have to grow up!"
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That's why the video went viral. We saw this woman being so completely genuine with zero embarrassment and we loved her for it.
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The happiest Chewbacca might've just gotten happier.