Chi Omega

The social and economic capital found in Greek life is still maintained by the exclusion of marginalized identities.
Sorry doesn't excuse ignorance. Sorry doesn't change rape culture, racist imagery, and misogyny on a campus that represents otherwise.
Word of the Chi Omega sorority student sending a Snap with a racial slur was confirmed Monday when UA President Judy Bonner
Read more on Orlando Sentinel The University of Central Florida police department also is investigating the April 4 incident
Overcoming those humble beginnings and avoiding the "thug life" brought me to an Ivy League institution where I expected that as much as I had left that life behind me, so would the privileged individuals who never had experienced it. I was mistaken.
Penn State Panhellenic President Meaghan DeMallie said the Chi Omega sorority was more likely shut down because of what happened
"I don't know any of the facts surrounding anything. But I will say again what I said earlier in the week that my campaign
Humor is a powerful tool. Rapier wit can weaken an enemy as effectively as a bayonet to the chest. It can revitalize. It can trivialize. It can elevate. It can heal. It can hurt.