I finally understood how difficult it was for Mama to go from glittering Chicago down to middle-of-nowhere Texas, like part of her had been sold down the river. And suddenly, Chicago in my mind became a beacon of happiness.
Whether I spent them wearing lipstick or chapstick, in a pair of snow shoes or slippers, every day of the first month of 2014 was well lived because each of those days was a gift.
One Georgia man who documented his first experience of some bitter, Chicago-style cold on camera offers a pretty accurate
While thinking about the over 21,000 homeless people in Chicago struggling to find ways to stay warm and avoid bed bugs, I set out to begin an online fundraising campaign and the #CHIberiaChallenge was born.
The city's Divvy Bikes program also returned Wednesday after being shut down for much of the last week, DNAinfo Chicago reports
Holy windchill, Batman. Temperatures are breaking records on the lowest end of the thermometer all across the Southern and Eastern parts of the country today, and things probably won't warm up until later this week.
Same with this deer. Just when you thought the indoors would protect you... And regular bottles of water are almost instantly
DNAinfo Chicago reported Anana, the Lincoln Park Zoo's only polar bear, was being kept in a "climate-controlled" area indoors
The weather has been responsible for the death of at least four men in the Chicago area who died after shoveling snow, the
Holed up at home with your significant other/kids/dog/non-condoned space heater? Don't waste a perfectly good sub-zero day. Here are 11 ways you can have fun today (without losing any of the good parts of your face).