Ngozi, a Nigerian teenage superheroine, is Marvel’s latest character. Her story will be the first to be set in a real-life African country and star a Nigerian superhero.
“Blessing in Disguise” is the first Marvel story to be set in a real-life African country and feature a Nigerian superhero.
Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu detailed the horrors they faced when they were kidnapped.
The girls were among more than 200 kidnapped in April 2014.
Robert Smith has also promised to help girls who may be set free in the future.
Martha was suddenly awakened by what had become the all-too-familiar sound of gunshots. Boko Haram, she thought. As she scurried to gather her thoughts, her husband Mark was already rushing their younger, panic-stricken children out of their home in Chibok, Nigeria.
The missing Chibok girls have been deprived of their liberty since April 2014, their whereabouts unknown. One missing Chibok
The actor and activist hopes to have an "actual direct impact" on their lives.
As the hours, days, months, and years drag on, Mary clings to the hope that her missing daughter will be found. Last September
For the first time, one of the mothers of Nigeria’s kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls is here in Washington DC, sharing her story