chibok kidnapping

The girls have been held hostage for more than two years.
Amina Ali was held captive for two years.
The actor and activist hopes to have an "actual direct impact" on their lives.
There are certain experiences in life that are transformative. My time with Rebecca Samuel, one of the mothers of the 276 Chibok Girls of Nigeria who were abducted by Boko Haram terrorists on April 14, 2014, was one such experience.
"Your father had a dream where he saw you walking up a ladder to heaven. My hope is that I will see you here on earth again but if I do not, I know you are in heaven. Please serve God faithfully and I pray that God bring you back to me. I miss you, my daughter."
"I write this letter with a heavy heart, knowing you have endured another year separated from your daughters."
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