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Progressive new law wins backing from Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.
From now until April 7, we have the power to push both candidates to give specific answers. After you get the questions you want answered, you must take the final step and cast your ballot.
In a recent editorial, the Chicago Tribune asks, "Where is the harm in a child taking the ISAT?" The piece makes several interesting claims about why opting out of the test is a bad idea. I guess the Tribune thinks these parents don't have a case, but I'm not so sure that's true.
EDGEWATER — Just before Senn High School's bell rings for the first class of the day, principal Susan Lofton patrols the
CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett and Mayor Rahm Emanuel both harshly criticized the boycott. In a statement, Byrd-Bennett said
“I think to use children as a protest tool and not to to attend school is reprehensible. Our children need an education and
The district previously handed out pick slips to another 850 employees in June, not long after its board of education voted
The plan includes five strategic "pillars," though it's the last pillar — "Sound fiscal, operational and accountability systems
While CPS noted the projected graduation rate is its highest ever, it also clarified that the numbers date back to only 1999
In the final two weeks of the 2013 spring legislative session, lawmakers are weighing two bills that address what is arguably the greatest financial crisis in state history.
There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to shutter 50 (yes, 50) schools won't be good for Chicago's children, especially children of color.
Along with school closing protesters, several Chicago aldermen whose wards would be hit hard by the closures weighed in during
The Tribune says school board members have each visited roughly 10 of the closing schools to assess the community concerns
With the Chicago Board of Education set to vote in a week on closing 54 of the city's public schools and co-locating 11 others
Eight teachers at the high school who had to reapply for their jobs under the new program were originally told they could
Hudson "attended Yale, and her family home is around the corner from the school, so it would be a shame if she stood by and
As the saying goes, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Unfortunately, that saying does not bode well for the thousands of children who will be displaced when 54 schools shut down this year.
“We have the highest enrollment of the 54 schools on the closing list,” said Ericson math teacher Michale Colwell according
Story by Erica Demarest, courtesy DNAinfo Chicago: It was one of three community meetings required for each school affected