chicago housing authority

"CHA's mission is to create strong, sustainable and inclusive communities throughout Chicago and I'm committed to ensuring
We explore accusations that the Chicago Housing Authority has been reallocating hundreds of millions of dollars meant for affordable housing programs. What does this mean for poor residents who can't afford the rising cost of housing?
Trees give us so much. During a time of declining public budgets, we need a grassroots movement of volunteers even more to ensure that we have green spaces and community gardens to be the bedrock of healthy urban neighborhoods.
"The tear-down of public housing has accelerated the decrease" in crime, he said. In the Chicago neighborhoods immediately
Isherwood taught at Byrd Academy in Cabrini Green as the housing plan got underway. "Their families had been there for generations
In a previous letter addressing the issue in June, ACLU of Illinois's legal director Harvey Grossman argued to the CHA that
The CHA is also recovering from the controversy surrounding its former CEO Lewis Jordan who resigned from his post in June
Jessica Moore showed up at the Daley Center, shaken and without a lawyer. She had a bad feeling about how things might play
But Richard Wheelock, an attorney representing the Cabrini-Green tenants' organization, says North Side landlords discriminate
"As public servants, we are employed by the people of Chicago, and misuse of their hard-earned tax dollars will not be tolerated