Ultimately, after much ado about Emanuel being on the outs in February, the mayor held a lead throughout the entire runoff and closed out Garcia in a convincing manner.
You won another four years, Mayor Emanuel. You told us you'd listen to us and do what is best for Chicago. We want a safe, effective, united Chicago for all residents, no matter our neighborhood or skin color.
-Joshua Blank and Jim Henson examine Ted Cruz's standing among Texas evangelicals. [UTexas] EXIT POLL: EMANUEL'S EXPERIENCE
But Ponce continued, asking "If you can’t keep your own son out of a gang, how can you steer the city away from gangs and
In the country's third largest city, Latinos are almost a third of its population. Still in Chicago elections -- with Latinos making up nearly 1 in 5 registered voters -- they are consistently underrepresented in public opinion surveys.
Our challenges are immense and urgent. But we have dedicated educators and families, and a mayor who's proven he'll take the heat to work on our budget. If we responsibly fund education, then even during tough times, we have so much to feel optimistic about.
Chicago mayoral candidate Chuy Garcia claims in a new ad that Mayor Rahm Emanuel “took” money from closed public schools
All of this has been a boon to many financial investors. It just so happens that many of Emanuel’s Republican backers are
The African American vote plays a crucial role in electoral politics, especially in a big city like Chicago. Many candidates have to gain approval from the African American community in order to secure the mayor's office.
"Everybody from [Chicago Police Superintendent] Garry McCarthy to the beat officer, everybody practices community policing