As the violence ebbs and flows from week to week, month to month, year to year, it's still the city's youngest residents
Chicago Police posted encouraging news about the city's once-staggering homicide rate Tuesday and continued a cautiously
"You prevent shootings, you lower the murder rate. It's that simple," McCarthy said. "In a city where 87 percent of our murders
A slight decline in homicides and shootings for the year have also helped save face for the CPD, the crime-fighting strategies
While the nation was fixated on the trial of George Zimmerman, who Saturday was acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year
There's been surprisingly little media discussion about whether Chicago's strict gun laws, routinely ridiculed by the right-wing, might actually be working. While it's difficult to determine why crime rises and falls, to blame a policy when rates rise and ignore it when they drop doesn't make sense.
The media's extensive coverage of Hadiya Pendleton's murder is absolutely appropriate. However, it also highlights the reality that only a handful of Chicago's murder victims receive such thoughtful and humanizing coverage in the mainstream press.
Former homicide detective and Aldermanic candidate Joseph Moseley talks to Ahmed about how Chicago has reached it's highest monthly murder rate in nearly a decade.
We released the 2012 Murder Timeline to show the human toll of violence in Chicago: from the mother still expecting her son to knock on her window and ask what's for dinner to the four-year-old girl who saw paramedics carry her dying father away.
McCarthy on Tuesday also pointed out that the city's police force has already confiscated 180 guns in the new year. At least