chicago public school closings

That in the city of Chicago in 2015 there are people who have been on hunger strike for nearly a month to simply have what their peers in the suburbs never even question -- an excellent, fully public school -- is heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time.
I had so wanted to be a CPS parent. I wanted the vibrancy and diversity of real city schools for my children. I wanted them to have public institutions at the center of their lives, and to be truly enmeshed in their community.
“They’ll just say, ‘Hey, there’s been a fight around here after hours.’ They may say, ‘Hey, there’s a suspicious car,’” one
"One thing I don't about this board is that you only give us two minutes to speak and you give these corporate businesses
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At one point, as many as nine people were inside occupying the building, hanging banners and waving flags from an open window
“I had several parents look at me and say, 'I used to have trouble getting my kids to read but now they’ve been doing it
The parents and community members fighting the school closings clearly are the "good guys" in this dismal scenario. But their heroic energy and indomitable courage are being expended for the sake of maintaining a status quo that is, frankly, unconscionable.
It’s unclear how many schools would be taken off the list. Read the whole story here. CHICAGO — Some Chicago Public Schools