Chicago State University

“I have always taught my girls that they can be whatever they want to be."
It's hardly an admission of defeat to prevent more damage to the town while you save it. It takes a lot of faith in the transformative
Madigan has been in control of the House for most of the past 30 years. He and Cullerton have been passing unbalanced budgets
What does it mean for a public university to operate without a cent of state funding? It is a violation of the fundamental
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For public colleges and universities, First Amendment compliance isn't optional. It's a binding legal obligation. And when legal obligations are ignored, lawsuits are necessary -- a lesson ten institutions learned the hard way this past year.
I lived and studied with black people, I felt comfortable around them and felt they accepted me, but I never had a conversation about race that made me uncomfortable. That changed when I met Chala Holland.
Schools all across the country not only fall short on promises of free expression and academic freedom but openly suppress constitutionally protected speech on campus by using tools such as speech codes to shut down forms of expression that might be uncomfortable, disagreeable, or even offensive to some members of the campus community.
We went through Illinois private and public four-year universities to find which schools have the biggest tuition increase, by percentage, from 2013-14 to 2014-15.
Chicago is the place. It would be so nice to see a unified effort behind Chicago State University. Now, where should the
For the better part of a decade, Illinois' public universities have been battling ever-shrinking state funding. That's driven tuition costs up.
Some colleges should simply step up when promoting sexual health on campus, according to Trojan brand condoms. Granted, all
The school has also come under fire, and risked losing its accreditation, due to allegedly allowing failing students to continue
Chicago State University, which was at risk of losing its accreditation because of troubling enrollment and retention figures
Watson's commitment to the "audit findings" is to assume full responsibility to address and resolve each issue as he moves
Chicago State University's trustees next week plan to vote whether to provide all full-time freshmen, and the faculty who
One way to sell newspapers is to get two columnists fighting. I don't pick fights. But I don't run from one either.
But only after buying it did Wolak learn he needed to submit a formal proposal to get the bust "placed'' on campus, he said
Chicago State University is at risk of losing its accreditation because of "remarkably poor" graduation and retention rates