chick-fil-a appreciation day

There's an advertisement in a Dayton, Ohio newspaper offering $25 Chick-fil-A gift cards to every married, heterosexual couple that attended a May 19 event honoring "biblical marriage."
The event, hosted by the Cornerstone Baptist Temple (you can see the ad below), was not sponsored by Chick-fil-A or any of
While I'm sure Bailey Hanks is a talented young lady, I can't help but wonder how the presumably dozens of gay people who work with her must feel about her support of an anti-gay corporation.
How any gay person -- regardless of solidarity with the workers -- could give his money to a company that donates organizations that work to invalidate his own family is beyond me.
"[I'm] pretty sure you can’t outlaw a company with perfectly legal business practices because you find their CEO’s views
A PR statement released by the company reads: Smith: "You know why I'm getting my free water, right?" Worker: "No." S: "Because
There most certainly is not "room for disagreement" when it comes to marriage equality. Just as there is no longer room for disagreement on school integration or disenfranchising women voters. These are the positions of the truly un-American.
Unlike Speaker Christine Quinn, I neither require nor want any sort of coerced, half-assed apology from the likes of Cathy or any other person who makes such remarks, for that matter.
Since then, the fast food chain has become a flashpoint in the debate for gay marriage. Conservative politicians have rallied
The next time someone says to you "This is a First Amendment issue" or "Chick-fil-A isn't anti-gay, it's just pro-traditional marriage," send them a link to one of the heartbreaking stories we feature on Gay Voices on a daily basis.