chicken and waffles

Soul music legend Gladys Knight is asking a judge to remove her name and likeness from her son’s troubled chicken and waffle
It's a twist on chicken and waffles.
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Waffles have been popular part of American food culture since they arrived stateside in the 1700s. A tasty tradition brought over by Belgian immigrants, the humble waffle has risen to celebrity status over the past few years, popping up in gourmet restaurants from coast to coast, topped with everything from caviar to fried chicken. And it makes (awesome) culinary sense.
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It's a classic brunch dilemma: savory or sweet? Fortunately, the inspired combination of fried chicken piled on top of waffles means there's no need to choose.
[h/t Consumerist] The fried chicken looks suspiciously like McDonald's new Mighty Wings. And the "waffles" appear to be the
Regardless, the same Orange County, Calif. Taco Bell location which first introduced us to the now-100-location-strong Waffle
Confused as to how this dish is made? Check out the new ad below: While chicken and waffles has been a popular combination
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It's the best food on a stick around.
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