Has the Chik-fil-A "We make Benches out of our Styrofoam cups" ad appeared on your social media yet? When it hit mine, I had to respond to Chik-Fil-A publicly so they don't get away with this misleading polystyrene propaganda.
Here in America, we have a knack for twisting around the meaning of a word and molding it into something we can get a bit more use out of. Americans are good at capitalizing on opportunities. In fact, we founded our country on that exact ideology.
I want to talk about the fallout when senior management chooses to politicize their brands. The current legal thinking, by those in the know, is that Hobby Lobby will win 5-4 and Anthony Kennedy will cast the deciding vote.
Paul Raushenbush joins Mike to discuss how Chik-Fil-A continues to actively oppose gay marriage.
Correction: The headline of this article originally read "Davidson College Becomes First Campus To Suspend Chick-fil-A." In
Mayors in Boston and San Francisco have weighed in, telling the restaurant chain that they're not welcome in their cities
"Yep, Chick-fil-A is still stuck in its own reality and is doubling down on its lie," wrote Gizmodo's Casey Chan, one of
Atlanta-based Chick-Fil-A has agreed to buy the site of a shuttered restaurant next to the Westfield Fox Valley Shopping