Climate change is partly to blame, but it’s not the whole story.
Researchers aren't yet sure what effect co-infections could have on our body.
By Drs. David Niesel and Norbert Herzog Marburg belongs to a group of viruses called Filoviruses, which includes Ebola, that
An administrator working in the terminator train said, "The train is operated for four hours a day. We fill pesticides in
Shalini Ramachandran, senior researcher at IIT Delhi, said, "Mosquitoes can live in shallow water of 5 milimeters. Thrown
It is possible to track where a health threat is spreading by embracing crowd-sourced participatory surveillance for mass
While Congress has all but ignored the White House administration's formal request for $1.9 billion in funding to control, prevent, and combat the Zika virus, the CDC and NHIAID have gone full speed ahead in its research to stop the virus.
Choices about risk based on emotion as much as cold hard reason are not automatically wrong/dumb/irrational. In fact, they usually help protect us. What's the harm in being careful?
Like dengue fever and chikungunya, Zika needs to be properly framed as a disease worsened by expanding cities and urban inequality. Over time, the unplanned growth of cities magnifies mosquito-borne threats, and the living conditions of urban poverty magnify them even more.
Outside of the strange and insular world of extreme right-wing politics, most folks generally recognize the hazards of climate change: deadly heat waves, droughts, more frequent and more severe cyclones, floods, wildfires, catastrophic loss of marine life, and shifts in agricultural productivity.
There is no vaccine or treatment for the disease.
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* * * A Florida man is the first case of chikungunya virus seen in a U.S. resident who had not recently traveled outside
Gone is the last game, the German goal, Götze's hands raising the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Some of the excitement remains, it's true, but the roar that ran through Havana when the ball entered the goal in Rio De Janeiro or Sal Paulo is now just a memory.
Reports of the virus, which is characterized by persistent joint pain, have cropped up in at least 27 states from Massachusetts