child abduction

Nathan Larson, 40, who admitted to being a pedophilia advocate during a 2018 campaign run, was allegedly caught trying to transport the girl across the country.
Coben writes with a style that relates the story in a progressive manner, but he also manages to bring together his characters
She chose to believe there was more good than evil. She chose to live in the world that Jacob knew and believed in.
It is obvious Joy Fielding used the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in 2007 as the premise for her new novel She's Not There. However this is not a "based on" story but rather a "what if" one.
There were some twists and turns I did not expect, that the characters kind of demanded of me. And I surprised myself with
If you believe your child is in danger of parental abduction, there are preventative measures to consider such as notifying
The alleged thieves asked the kid what school he went to and then drove him there.
LONDON -- The cries of a starving or distressed child are a harrowing enough sound. The screams of a child caught up in violent conflict are an altogether different matter.
The Hernandez case confirms the adage that "confession is the queen of evidence." Even without a shred of physical evidence, an almost unanimous jury voted for conviction based on a 33-year-old statement, given by a man suffering from a personality disorder and limited intelligence.