child actors

The "CSI: Miami" and "My Sister's Keeper" actor was found dead on Nov. 5 at age 35.
Ellingson, who appeared in "CSI: Miami" and the Cameron Diaz film "My Sister's Keeper," began acting at 13 but left the industry around 2010.
“You cannot speak on children that are underage,” the actor said.
The actor reflected on their time working on Disney's "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" with Dylan and Cole Sprouse as preteens.
“I’m surprised because I wasn’t really thinking it was heavy duty at the time,” said Shipka, who was just 7 when the show premiered.
The actor's credits included “ER,” “NCIS,” “Desperate Housewives” and “How I Met Your Mother."
"It’s really hard to be hated on when you don’t know who you are yet," the "Stranger Things" actor said.
Twins Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti get to hang out at Nicole Kidman's house and play Jenga with Meryl Streep, so yeah, it's OK to be jealous.
One Twitter user wanted to know where all these children are getting their theatrical training.