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"I don't want to ever see her again," child's father says.
I looked at how much I've learned, given, and grown since she died. I began to feel the pain clearing. If I died today, I could be at peace knowing that despite the dreadful, heart-wrenching event of the car accident, I have made something of my life, something that means something to me.
A 13-year-old boy was killed while surfing off the coast of the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.
A Minnesota cafe is being sued after serving up a fatal batch of pancakes to a teen with a severe dairy allergy.
There is no word in English or in any language that I've found for parents who bury their children. It is not because the concept does not exist, but rather because such an act is against the natural order of events. It is not supposed to happen.
Police said Daniels was fighting with a man in an apartment complex in Montgomery. The suspect allegedly tried to run over
Authorities in Massachusetts are looking into the death of an 18-month old girl that died of suffocation after undergoing an apparent home-remedy for head lice.
I really appreciate when really smart scientists make their research easy to understand using stories, concepts, and analogies. Natalia uses the concept of the Worry Clock to illustrate how much parents should worry about dangers to their children.
Ganem's created two caskets based off of the film, "Frozen," for sisters Areyanah Hernandez, who was 6, and Lilyana Hernandez
When we laid our 2-year-old daughter Savannah down to sleep on April 3, it was a seemingly normal night for a seemingly normal child. But when we looked in her crib the next morning to wake Savannah for breakfast, we discovered every parent's worst nightmare.
Charlotte, two of the most profound life experiences for me were the day you came into the world as my daughter and the day you left the world as my daughter.
Grief is not broken, and it doesn't need fixing. Maybe that's why people are so scared of grief, because the word "broken" is used so often. Broken is a horrible thing. Broken is something that may mend, but will never heal. Broken will always leave scars to remind us of the pain.
It's no secret that many marriages fall apart after the death of a child. I completely understand why.
Losing a child is like losing a limb that only the parents of the dead child can see missing. It is a limb that you must learn to function without.
I look back on that week through a haze of grief, but my sister's quote stands out in my head. "I'm afraid that people will forget her." What she doesn't seem to understand is that we can never forget little Kenzie, because we see and hear her every day in my sister.
Omaree Varela was a 9-year-old boy living in abusive conditions in his mother's and stepfather's home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We know he died of blunt-force trauma after being kicked to death by his mother, Synthia Varela-Casaus. Let me repeat those words: Kicked. To. Death.
If we judge parents for putting their kids at very low risk, we could jail them for serving solid food (the child could choke!) letting them walk down stairs (the child could fall!) or permitting them to join a sport (concussions!).