child death

The Bronx day care's operator and her tenant are facing federal drug charges as well as state charges of murder and child endangerment.
Walter Enslin Greer was on a family trip in Salt Lake City, Utah, when the fatal incident occurred.
Witnesses say the child had entered the water without anyone noticing while her mother was driving the boat, according to authorities.
"I don't want to ever see her again," child's father says.
I looked at how much I've learned, given, and grown since she died. I began to feel the pain clearing. If I died today, I could be at peace knowing that despite the dreadful, heart-wrenching event of the car accident, I have made something of my life, something that means something to me.
A 13-year-old boy was killed while surfing off the coast of the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.
A Minnesota cafe is being sued after serving up a fatal batch of pancakes to a teen with a severe dairy allergy.