child death

"I don't want to ever see her again," child's father says.
I looked at how much I've learned, given, and grown since she died. I began to feel the pain clearing. If I died today, I could be at peace knowing that despite the dreadful, heart-wrenching event of the car accident, I have made something of my life, something that means something to me.
A 13-year-old boy was killed while surfing off the coast of the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.
A Minnesota cafe is being sued after serving up a fatal batch of pancakes to a teen with a severe dairy allergy.
There is no word in English or in any language that I've found for parents who bury their children. It is not because the concept does not exist, but rather because such an act is against the natural order of events. It is not supposed to happen.
Authorities in Massachusetts are looking into the death of an 18-month old girl that died of suffocation after undergoing an apparent home-remedy for head lice.