child deaths

Europe still does not have a unified policy for responding to the rising numbers of refugees and migrants.
Diseases linked to open defecation are responsible for a child's death every 2.5 minutes, as U.N. Deputy Secretary-General
The information that states send the federal government through the voluntary system also is severely lacking. She said the
Is Florida the most dangerous places in the country for children with disabilities, behavioral disorders or the sheer misfortune to be born into abusive families? That could well be the case, based on a series of troubling investigative reports.
Splash Working in Ethiopia, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China, Splash has set the ambitious goal of providing
What will you be doing this Father's Day? Grilling in the back yard with the family? We often take such simple pleasures for granted. But, elsewhere, millions of fathers around the world will struggle to help their children survive and thrive.
The larger debate requires that we full address the array of issues to prevent these on-going acts of senseless violence and evil that make children the targets of violence in our society far too often
A few weeks ago we travelled together to Senegal in West Africa to visit rural health posts and to meet with community leaders, health workers and mothers who will be on the front lines of what many are calling the next revolution in child survival.
It's a parent's absolute worst nightmare. “Just be careful,” she said. “Things happen so sudden.” Briggs told CBS that her
Supporters of the bill made two main points. It will eliminate exemptions that give one class of parents -- those who exclusively