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Per pupil spending has decreased sharply, by 40% per child from 1994 to 2014.
Watching TV together gives you a chance to reinforce your values.
This viral video depicts an extremely disturbing aspect of family reunifications after forced separations.
Digital devices make up a huge part of their lives, but how do they handle them in their own homes?
Research shows children who play in nature are more likely to grow up to be environmentalists.
A coalition of pediatric and mental health experts and advocates sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg.
The war on marijuana has turned thousands of children into the walking wounded.
More than 2,000 babies in Brazil have birth defects associated with Zika.
Originally published on Motherly. By Annamarya Scaccia When it comes to classroom discipline, each school has its own set
By Sierra Filucci, Common Sense Media How’s this for a scary statistic: Studies show that kids as young as 5 say they don’t
Moderating speech towards children is not self-censorship, but guidance and good parenting.
"There is no good reason why you should not address this issue proactively," the shareholders wrote.
What to say, what to avoid and what to anticipate.
By Carolyn Jones Throughout high school and college, Alicia slept in cars, tents, friends’ couches, benches, on the bus, on
1. Parents trigger bad behavior by looking at their phones
As if our fight to stop the profoundly unjust Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was not enough, we must all work hard to ensure there