child migrants

Rabbis, priests, other clergy and lay leaders drove from Michigan to Texas to hold a rally at the Tornillo detention camp.
“It never really seemed like there was much education," one former employee at a center for migrant children said.
“Once you’re strapped down, they have total control over you,” a Honduran child said about being restrained in a chair for hours at a Virginia facility.
Some 300,000 children traveled alone worldwide from 2015 to 2016.
The children’s plight has triggered a diplomatic row between Paris and London, with tensions intensifying after President Hollande pressed Britain to accept its share of responsibility for the minors.
But legal groups say virtually all unaccompanied minors from Central America qualify for humanitarian relief.
While the critical subject of a runaway U.S. criminal justice system is gaining momentum toward reforms, the Obama Administration is vigorously defending the mass detention of non-U.S. citizens, including the detention of women and children.
Children will fall in love with Paddington bear, a migrant without papers who adores marmalade sandwiches and hides away on a boat to travel from his home in Peru to London hoping for a better life.
The statistics come months after a child migrant crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border over the summer fueled a renewed debate
An HHS spokesman said the interim rule was still in the approval process, but did not comment on the Democrats' letter. HHS's
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But José Guadalupe Ruelas, director of the NGO Casa Alianza Honduras, told The Huffington Post that focusing on getting these
The media spotlight has all but moved on from the recently white-hot humanitarian crisis on the Southern U.S. border involving upwards of 60,000 child refugees from Central America. Sadly, the region has faded from the headlines, but the conditions on the ground that force families from their homes persist.
BOYLES (Aug 27 at 5 minutes): We know that Hickenlooper has welcomed these illegal children who have come into this country
This crisis needs a compassionate response from every city and our entire nation. I shudder when I see the angry outbursts about these helpless children coming from some communities.
Isn't it strange that the GOP, the political party that has heretofore consistently and vociferously opposed frivolous lawsuits, spurious malpractice claims and the trail lawyers' lobby, has now decided to spend taxpayer money to hire trial lawyers to bring what is essentially a frivolous malpractice lawsuit against President Obama?
The issue of what to do with the tens of thousands of child migrants from Central America is a complex one to answer. A much easier question to answer is, "Would you deport these kids knowing that there's a good chance they would be hurt or killed within days or weeks of their return?"