Child Molestation

The pop singer's "sexual needs were his sexual needs," and the boys were "thrilled" to be at Neverland Ranch, she insisted in an interview.
President Donald Trump tweeted his support for Moore on Monday.
Steve Schmidt's reality check: The Senate nominee is accused of "molesting a little girl."
In that sense Trump is right. He can do whatever he wants because as victims we have witnessed and seen what happens if you stand up and speak out.
The controversial pastor has fought back against claims that his post-Orlando tweet was anti-gay.
In several cases, therapists began to show disappointment in clients who came in with the same complaints every week or who
People say that when you are molested or raped, your innocence gets stolen. After having experienced this, which is something I don't often talk about, I can tell you that more than that gets taken.
Nor do you blame every bad thing that happens along the way on your past abuse. You don't sit around rehashing the horrific
This is far from the first time people have used the specter of sexual assault as a political tool. Politicians have demonized many American minorities over the centuries as rapists and/or child molesters, using those charges to whip up opposition to granting those groups respect, dignity, and rights.
Forgive yourself. Only now are you strong enough to face this. Aware enough to know that secrets, damaging when kept from others, are toxic when hidden within. You have taken the first step.