child nutrition act

School lunch offerings are healthier, but more kids are tossing fruits and veggies aside. With the Child Nutrition Act set to expire, is school lunch worth saving? We unpack the politics of lunch and why it's hard for kids to make healthy choices.
We can help all of our citizens have a healthier and more productive future when we let science and public health, and not food industry, cook up our food policy.
We would like to see the percentage of schools with NEPs double by 2020, so that most NYC school children, particularly those in the highest-needs schools, have access to education that helps them build healthy futures.
Our children deserve the best we have to offer, and I commend school nutrition employees and school nurses for giving students their best each day. They may not wear super hero capes, but they are undoubtedly real, authentic heroes.
Americans cherish the notion that we are the number one nation on earth; that no matter what the metric is the U.S. comes out ahead of other countries. But that's far from the truth when the focus is on how we treat our children.
1. The intersection of food, culture and class is a conversation we might finally be ready to have...