child predators

If you see these on your teen's phone, it's time for a talk.
Alison Arngrim explains how child predators work.
You could say that my fight for innocence was passed down to me at an early age from my father, the late Hank Asher. He was
The true example of a "super-predator" appears to have been Hastert, a man who prosecutors say molested at least 4 boys, including a 14-year-old and one man was so damaged from this sexual assault he committed suicide.
It's every parent's worst nightmare. Their child meets a person online and agrees to meet them offline.
For nearly two years, Jessica Carlton was obsessed. The 44-year-old woman would sit in her Grand Rapids, Michigan home, allegedly
Lake and Polk Counties carry out similar stings almost on a yearly basis. In February last year, Lake County deputies collared
The world may overall be a good place (I truly believe it is), but it's always best to be careful and watchful. Especially when our children's safety is involved.
Such checks would cost money and alienate teens who don't want their parents involved. The looser the filters, the more the
There are evil people in this world. The kind of people that will dupe a little boy and take his life. You better bet that I'm going to do everything in my power to shield my children from it.