child prodigy

Akiane Kramarik is now 21 and her paintings have been selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece.
Her parents say she just broke the world record for youngest waterskier.
Luca joins me from Nairobi, and we discussed among other things, his plans for music, the support he receives from his Mom and Dad (who are Kenyan and Italian respectively), and his plans for teenagehood as he clocks 13 next year.
Biologist Dr. E.O.Wilson spent many countless childhood hours watching ants. His unremitting interest eventually led to his ground-breaking research into sociobiology and biodiversity, becoming renown as the world's leading expert on myrmecology.
The study's value comes primarily in raising new questions, Raphael Bernier, a University of Washington researcher and clinical
The verdict in the scientific community seems to be in line with Aesop's fable: The tortoise beats the hare, but only because the hare took a nap. Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work.
The son of Chinese composer and conductor Ziliang and Korean pianist Rho Aera, this kid was born to play. Yu started on the
Check out some of his astounding artwork below, and try not to feel too inadequate. Dušan's beautiful, incredibly detailed
Bailey McConnell from Milton Keynes is just 14-years-old, but his voice and talent are beyond his years. He turned a tough
Thanks for the inspiration, little grom! NOAH BESCHEN: PLAY from LIEBER VISION on Vimeo. Noah certainly looks the part: he