Child Prostitution

The Trump labor secretary and former U.S. attorney approved a 2008 plea deal that allowed the billionaire sex offender to avoid a possible life sentence.
At 16, Sara Kruzan killed her pimp and got life in prison. Now, a new bill would help children like her get a second chance.
The federal government had seized the classifieds website, which featured ads for sex work, days before.
Of the 25,000 street children in Congo’s capital, the majority are young men. But while boys can make money through manual
The exhibition titled, "Dear Adults: We Were Bought," features 100 items, including 60 photos as well as girls' diaries and
Sohan goes to school in the morning, and helps the family earn money in the afternoons by drumming. Traditional performers
I cannot get this terrible thing off my mind. Neither could Susan Norris, so she wrote a book about it, Rescuing Hope, to help her find some peace.
Give someone a camera and they'll give you memories--tangible ones that you can develop and print and keep for as long as the paper keeps. The children of Villas Miravalle, a shelter for sexually abused minors in Guadalajara, Mexico, gave us a set of memories.
What 13-year-old girl wakes up one day and says she wants to be a prostitute when she grows up? That was the question Timea Eva Nagy posed as she addressed the crowd -- a room full of regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering specialists, me included, just last week.
Republican Senators are playing hide and seek with victims of sex trafficking. The U.S. Department of Justice now estimates that approximately 300,000 American children are at risk of being prostituted in the U.S. -- at an average age of 13 or 14.
More than 1,000 children every year are arrested for prostitution, even though most of them aren’t of age to consent to sex
Girls are sold for sex in this country with the same disregard for human dignity as those other nations, and they are often tortured in the same ways when they try to escape.
It's long overdue that more of us get serious about doing something different with Columbus Day.
Carol Smolenski and Urmi Basu joins HuffPost Live to explain why child trafficking is not just a third world problem anymore.
Conner brought up his concerns to his supervisors and suggested the need for a shelter or home that could help protect these
At Covenant House, the hemisphere's largest movement of programs and shelter services for homeless and trafficked young people, we see far too many kids who have been forced into prostitution.
I first learned about Nomi Network when I purchased a "Buy her bag, not her body" tote. Trafficking survivors design and manufacture these bags with locally sourced materials such as recycled rice sacks.
If we could do half as good a job of creating a meaningful taboo in the United States around buying and selling young people for sex as we do around smoking, we'd be so much further along the road to eliminating demand.