Child Prostitution

Australian Kmart stores removed this child bride costume after outcry from some disgusted parents. Now, other parents are petitioning to get it back.
The Trump labor secretary and former U.S. attorney approved a 2008 plea deal that allowed the billionaire sex offender to avoid a possible life sentence.
At 16, Sara Kruzan killed her pimp and got life in prison. Now, a new bill would help children like her get a second chance.
The federal government had seized the classifieds website, which featured ads for sex work, days before.
Of the 25,000 street children in Congo’s capital, the majority are young men. But while boys can make money through manual
The exhibition is being held at the Kagurazaka Session House in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward through August 21. [An exhibition about
Goldman says of his motivation: "There is no question that I won the birth lottery. I am the son of middle class parents
I cannot get this terrible thing off my mind. Neither could Susan Norris, so she wrote a book about it, Rescuing Hope, to help her find some peace.
Give someone a camera and they'll give you memories--tangible ones that you can develop and print and keep for as long as the paper keeps. The children of Villas Miravalle, a shelter for sexually abused minors in Guadalajara, Mexico, gave us a set of memories.