Child protection

A North Carolina group home says federal law could hurt foster kids with nowhere else to go.
Nationally, the number of children entering foster care increased every year from 2013 to 2016 while the number of available foster homes fell in at least half of the states.
New law favors placing kids with families over group homes.
Few noticed, but Congress passed a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s troubled foster care system. Child welfare advocates say it will have a dramatic impact on children and their families.
The economic impacts go far beyond the individual and family, for low and middle-income countries, the lost economic opportunity of continuing to allow millions of children to suffer from stunting, inadequate stimulation and care could be as much as twice what these countries spend nationally on health.
As an aside, I am a huge fan of J.K. Rowling - of course her incredible talent as an author, but also her commitment to vulnerable
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Those calling for a ban on Pokemon Go claim paedophiles will use the app to lure children away from Pokestops and Gyms (places where more than one player may encounter each other). For many years this was the standard warning children were given about child abuse. The reality, as any professional who works with the survivors/victims of child abuse knows, is very different.
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These numbers represent a growing plague of child sexual imposition in this country. Why are we - a society that prides itself on speaking out against atrocities around the world - allowing these numbers to stand? Why are we not doing more to protect our children and their innocence?
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The survey gives voice to the concerns of children who are too often ignored, and they speak with a clarity and resonance that compels us to take notice.
The children of Syria have lost their lives and homes and schooling and innocence -- they have lost the precious and fleeting years we call childhood. Children deserve the right to be children, and we must make this as much a priority as every other consideration during this tragedy.
Spurred on by the increasingly dire human and political costs of inadequate response, European leaders will gather in mid-September to address the refugee crisis. They should look to the environmental conservation movement to find innovative policy ideas.
Last month, UNICEF's most recent Progress for Children report provided a sobering reminder of the many challenges that remain in building a world that is safe, healthy and hopeful for the poorest children.
After four years, and taking dozens of novice climbers up Mt. Shasta, I know that I have helped to impart a little beauty into those lives. And to know that beauty, calm and sense of accomplishment lives on without me makes it all worth it.
Please remember that you change lives every single day. You see things most 'regular people' pretend don't exist. You nurture broken hearts by day and fall asleep at night wishing only that you could have done more.
When many people think about foster care, their thoughts immediately go to the heart wrenching headlines they read in the newspaper. The system is broken, we are taught to believe. Child protection's primary goal is to rip families apart, we think.
Treaty ratification requires support from two-thirds of the U.S. Senate―a level of support that has been lacking thanks to Republican Party opposition and, especially, the fierce hostility of the conservative Republican base, including groups like the Christian Coalition, the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and the John Birch Society.