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Dax Tejera’s wife is facing charges for leaving her children unattended in their hotel room. So, when does a parenting mistake become a law-breaking one?
Here's what to know about how law enforcement and child protective services handle reports of abuse or neglect.
Centers that care for child abuse say they served 40,000 fewer kids this year compared with 2019, suggesting abuse is going unreported.
What went on in our house — the dog waste, the roaches — was our burden to carry alone. No one could know who we really were.
Jessica Bramer and Christian Reed were found dead in a Michigan motel room along with their dehydrated 6-month-old daughter, Skylah.
The highs, lows and things they wish they knew before they started.
Robert Cronin reportedly said his arrest is a result of a lack of scientific knowledge by police.
A South Bronx school started by a child welfare agency has gradually found answers for educating youth in foster care.
Teachers and school employees are required to report suspicions of child abuse to authorities. But sometimes schools misuse this authority to punish parents.
“My job as a teacher is to be a first responder to poverty,” says Greg Cruey, a middle school teacher at Southside K-8 school. “If my students learn other stuff too, that’s great.”