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Jessica Bramer and Christian Reed were found dead in a Michigan motel room along with their dehydrated 6-month-old daughter, Skylah.
The highs, lows and things they wish they knew before they started.
Robert Cronin reportedly said his arrest is a result of a lack of scientific knowledge by police.
A South Bronx school started by a child welfare agency has gradually found answers for educating youth in foster care.
Teachers and school employees are required to report suspicions of child abuse to authorities. But sometimes schools misuse this authority to punish parents.
“My job as a teacher is to be a first responder to poverty,” says Greg Cruey, a middle school teacher at Southside K-8 school. “If my students learn other stuff too, that’s great.”
Grandparents, foster parents, teachers and school administrators are on the front lines of this crisis.
Author of Free-Range Kids, Lenore Skenazy thinks that many helicopter parents are less scared about what might happen to
I have also had the privilege of hearing many of the "prideful moments" of child protective staff throughout this county
The untold stories of 110 child abuse and neglect fatalities, and one state's failure to learn from tragedy.
The victim had little food, water, and only a bucket.
In the foster care system, it has long been recognized that to cut all aid at age 18 was to invite poor outcomes with disproportionately high numbers of foster youth experiencing homelessness, incarceration and diminished educational opportunity.
This story may seem ridiculous to some. The reality is this happens all the time in our country and it is a lesser-known atrocity of the drug war. Due to mandatory reporting requirements, the staff at the school may have been under a duty to involve Child Protective Services if Banda's son admitted marijuana was in his home.
South Carolina single mom Debra Harrell allowed her daughter to play at a popular park for three days this summer. This was after the girl's laptop was stolen and she didn't want to just sit at mom's job -- McDonald's -- all day. A "Good Samaritan" saw the girl unsupervised and called 911.
The information that states send the federal government through the voluntary system also is severely lacking. She said the
Darren Wilson is a Missouri cop whose deeds have been dissected endlessly in the court of public opinion. Sarah Markham is "Vegan Mom," a Florida parent whose 12-day old baby was taken into foster care by Florida's child protective services. The case barely registered a blip on the public radar.
Sheffield's first reaction was "devastation, disappointment, depression, tragedy: any and everything that could be negative." Even if she didn't fully realize it as a pregnant teen in 2004, the prospects for her baby girl were less than optimal.
2. Don't hate. If you meet kids in foster care, don’t call them names. That’s not cool. Foster kids are the same as any other
Millions of grandparents are rescuing their grandchildren from a life of neglect, chaos, and abuse at the hands of addicted parents. These are families from every walk of life, of socio-economic strata, of size, shape, and color. Make no mistake, they are families like yours and mine.