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Inclined sleepers like the Rock 'n Play were recalled months ago. But a watchdog report suggests that many child care facilities don't know.
"It saved my daughter’s life,” the child's mother said of their security plan that's endorsed by child safety advocates.
Ikea's Malm bureau was recalled — twice — but it's likely still in millions of homes.
Empowering our kids and giving them a voice (especially in regards to their body) is paramount. Teach your kids their Body
I saw you as I drove with my 4-year-old in the car. You were smiling with the sun shining on your face. Then I saw you laugh into your phone as you failed to stop at the stop sign, with four children in your own car.
Teaching them how to fight it starts now -- or more accurately, it started before they turned one. Yes, you read that right: I have been teaching this idea to my four-year-old son and one-year-old daughter since they were infants.
Here are some reasons why ROBORanger™ is gaining massive crowdsourcing support as the world's smartest SOS system: A 5-year
When families have a safe, permanent place to call home they can focus on the things parents care about: the safety, well
For young children, those first Halloweens can be so much fun — wearing costumes, staying up late, counting their haul of
Some days, being a parent is too much. Too much stress. Too much worry. Too much potential for disaster. And lately, it doesn't feel too far-fetched that something horrible could happen.
n today's highly digital world, children and young people spend a lot of time online and are exposed to all sorts of information. While the Internet has been a blessing to the world, there are still some negative aspects that have led to serious damages on young lives and families.
Adults, teenagers, and kids alike are going nuts over the Pokémon Go App, but there have been some safety glitches that the
What can be even more shocking to parents who are obsessed with protecting their children from danger is that they often overlook some of the dangerous items and areas of their home leaving their most treasured loved ones susceptible to danger.
These fears began long before I gave birth to you. For the first three months of our pregnancy, I lifted up the bed covers
Pools, lakes and even tubs (for little ones) can provide plenty of fun and relief from the summer heat. But as families take to the water this holiday weekend and beyond, there is reason for extra caution: Almost 800 kids drown each year and two-thirds occur in the summer months (between May and August).
It's so hard to be a parent these days. If we keep our children close, on literal leashes, we're called helicopter parents. We're told to relax and let them be kids. But the second we let our children go and they do something wrong, we're accused of being negligent.
Let’s talk frankly about keeping our children safe. As a concerned mom I feel compelled to share some uncomfortable facts