child sex trafficking

The video's release comes as the president tries to distance himself from the convicted sex offender, saying: "I wasn’t a fan.”
It is most likely happening in the city you live in. It may be happening in your neighborhood. It might even be happening to someone you know.
The team hopes that individuals and organizations will take advantage of the digital release to arrange screenings in their
Motivated by this profound injustice that touches the lives of so many young women and girls at the margin, we at Rights4Girls
Here are some other leading organizations in the fight to eradicate the modern-day slavery of sex trafficking: HEAL Trafficking
Women's rights are always at risk of erosion, from reproductive health to freedom from discrimination. Efforts to protect
A study of the homeless youth we serve at our New Orleans shelter, completed by Loyola University, showed that 14 percent
Those are the kind of vulnerable kids we at Covenant House see at our shelters, where, according to our studies with two
One year ago, we launched a campaign in California, called "No Such Thing As A Child Prostitute." Our goal? To eliminate the very notion of "child prostitute" in both language and in law.
In Canada, as in the U.S., trafficking victims are usually not transported in from other countries -- in Ontario, 63 percent
"We'd certainly like to know what supposedly market-leading screening and moderation procedures missed that one," he said
Part of the problem with helping victims of domestic minor sex trafficking is they don't think they are victims, because
I see prom pictures described as "pimping." I see birthday posts telling someone to "keep pimping." I hear about students going to "pimp and hoe" parties. This is glamorizing and making light of an industry that violates human rights in every way.
Poor families in the Philippines push children to perform live sex online for pedophiles around the world.
The call for decriminalization of young people involved in prostitution is supported by a number of entities. The American
"I don't know if I am courageous, but I do know that I am angry. I'm angry at society for turning a blind eye."
The Associated Press's decision to end the use of the phrase "child prostitute" is not only a win for accuracy in reporting, but it will go a long way toward changing attitudes about girls who are victims of child sex trafficking.
The controversy over's escort service ads and their link to child sex trafficking is traveling through the state and federal courts, the financial services industry, and the court of public opinion.